Want to get Verified Merchant status for Pinterest?

Quick question, my friend: do you have verified merchant status for Pinterest?‍

Crystal Waddell shares how easy it is to become a verified product seller on Pinterest.

If the answer is YES, then you will have a little blue check mark next to your username (like mine in the picture.)‍ However, if the answer is NO, there’s a few things you’re missing out on that you might want to know about!

For instance, In Pinterest Past and Current, the Pinterest Explore page has always been the bread and butter of bloggers. Now, e-commerce has a new home: the Shop page!‍

Also, getting verified on Pinterest means that your pins will get extra special attention on the shop page! If you are an e-commerce or product seller, this is a no-brainer!‍ Many thanks to Jay Jay Ghatt and her Pinterest room on Clubhouse for sharing the knowledge about how the Shop page works!‍

By the way, you can join me every Tuesday on Clubhouse to talk all about your questions about using Pinterest for business and maybe even becoming a verified merchant! So … back to the topic at hand!

📌 Do you want to get “verified merchant status” for your Pinterest account?‍ It’s the little blue check that allows your product pins to be “shoppable” on Pinterest!!! Then you will unlock even more Pinterest marketing capabilities!

If yes, follow these few steps to make it happen‍:

1️⃣ First, you’ll need a Pinterest Business Account (not a personal Pinterest Account).

2️⃣ Second, you’ll need to Connect Your Product Catalog (for the love of all that’s good, get Shopify).

3️⃣ Next, make sure you have a visible shipping policy.

4️⃣ Then, add a terms of service page.

5️⃣ Finally, make you you have a visible returns policy.‍

If you are missing any of these items, your application will get denied (mine did, several times. First it was 2️⃣, than 3️⃣, than 4️⃣, than 5!) If that happens to you, send Pinterest an email for help and they are pretty great about getting back to you. Then you make the necessary changes and re-submit your application!

In summary, I am so happy that I have been able to participate in the Verified Merchant Program for Pinterest! Please let me know if you need any help with the process! Pinterest is an amazing marketing resource for product-based sellers.

That’s all for now! Drop any questions below!

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