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The best part of my weekend: watching those Pinterest analytics numbers climb! I hope you’re having a great weekend so far! Asher’s basketball team had a bye today so I’ve had some extra time to think about refining my marketing strategies. I wanted to share what I’m doing on Pinterest with you.

How to get more leads from Pinterest with Crystal Waddell, aka thesocialsolopreneur
Are you using Pinterest yet? We need to talk.

One pleasant side effect of using my branded caption strategy (have I told you about my content calculator?) is that I have more time now to reassess other areas of my social media plan that need attention.

Which includes my Pinterest board descriptions. This is of the utmost importance because I know this platform brings the most leads for my business.

First, let me state the obvious – there are so many platforms. And the best platform for YOU to promote your business is where YOUR dream clients spend THEIR time. For my business, Collage & Wood, that is Pinterest.

Second – everything we do online has the potential to point our dream clients right to us. So I’m taking time to go back and make sure my pins are OPTIMIZED for my future clients to find me.

Right now I get about 400,000 or more views a month on Pinterest. You can check that out here, and it might clear up the “What the heck does this girl DO, anyway?” question!

Vanity metrics make us all feel good, right? But I want to double that, and double my business leads coming from “my favorite place on the Internet” – and that means finding keywords using Pinterest search and putting them in all of my previously pinned posts and all of my future posts.

And I have a LOT of pinned posts.

If you have any questions or want to brainstorm your own Pinterest strategy, leave a comment and we can “pitch and catch” ideas!


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