Schedule an Event in Clubhouse

Scheduling an Event in Clubhouse is easier than you think!

Schedule an event in Clubhouse using these 7 quick steps. A Clubhouse App event can be scheduled at anytime, even minutes before you want to jump in!

If you want to create your own club, you will need to host 3 events, ideally at the same time each week

1. Click the calendar in the upper right hand corner to schedule an event in Clubhouse.

Click the “calendar” icon in the upper right hand corner of the Clubhouse app to begin to create your Clubhouse event!

2. Then type in your “event name” – you’ll want it to me something specific that explains to viewers exactly what will be going on in that room when you schedule the event in Clubhouse.

Type in your event name and add co-hosts and guest to your event in Clubhouse. Then click on the calendar to choose your preferred day of the week to host your event.

3. Next you have the option to add co-hosts and guests. You can only add people who follow YOU (not those you follow) when you schedule an event in Clubhouse.

4. Choose a date. The date can be today or anytime in the future. At the time I wrote this, you can not make an event recurring when you schedule an event in CLubhouse but you can add multiple dates in advance (hosting the same room every Tuesday at 4 p.m., for example).

5. Choose your time. When you schedule an event in Clubhouse, the app gives you the option to start a room every 5 minutes! Just make sure you choose “AM” or “PM” correctly.

Choose your event time by scrolling through the time options. When you create an event in Clubhouse, it automatically schedules your Clubhouse event in your time zone.

6. Choose a Host Club: Definitely note that this is an option that will be available to only if you are a member of another club.

7. Add a description. You will want the description to tell people who you are, what value you are adding and what’s in it for THEM if they join you. Tell them when you’ll be there (daily/weekly?) and if there are any relevant emojis, use them!*

Use the description section to describe the purpose and the vibe of your Clubhouse event!

Clubhouse is another layer to a great marketing plan – if you’re already consistent on social media, Clubhouse gives you a chance to drive your marketing ideas home!

Do you have any questions about scheduling events?

Drop them below and I’d be glad to help!!!

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