No-Work Weekends: Myth or Choice

No-work weekends: myth or choice?

I’m putting my foot down. For real this time! If you didn’t know, in Spetember of 2020 I had a heart attack. The heart attack has a special name: Takosubo (think: taco-soup bowl) Cardiomyopathy. Essentially, it has one cause:


So I promised myself after I didn’t die that I would make some changes. I would cut out the unnecessary. I would work less, exercise more, and of course, spend more time with my family.

Then last weekend, I realized that I had broken this promise to myself. I spent most of Friday and Saturday hunched over my computer, creating collages for a sweet soccer team out of Georgia. When it came time to take Asher to his golf lesson, not only was I exhausted, I was completely overwhelmed.

By the work I had volunteered to do!

Of course, I wasn’t actually volunteering, I get paid pretty well for it. But at the end of the day, there is no amount of money that is worth missing another round of golf.

So I’m putting my foot down, and starting a new tradition, effective today! No-work weekends. I’m taking a break. I will prioritize resting. I’m doing yoga. I will watch my son play golf.

And this time, I’m not breaking the promise to myself. Who’s with me?!

I love being an entrepreneur, but I’m tired of building “a life I love” at the expense of the life I currently have. The one I’m not actually living. It shouldn’t take another heart attack (or worse!) for me to get my priorities where I want them.

So what do you think? Are you team #noworkweekends or are you still struggling with the boundaries between entrepreneurship and living your life?

Let me know!

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