What if YOU are the Shiny Object?

Shiny Object Syndrome is real.

What if you are the shiny object (and you're chasing other shiny objects?)
What if you focused on YOUR great ideas instead of allowing the distraction of Shiny Object Syndrome?

Have you never heard of Shiny Object Syndrome?

This is the concept and practice of following distracting (although possibly helpful) new ideas, strategies and tactics. Shiny object distractions can include a lot of great ideas that may not fit into your overall plan. That is why it’s import to recognize this Syndrome and diagnose it.

If you are anything like me, you live in a constant state of consumption. Podcasts, webinars, Instagram. They are all potential blackholes that lead to Shiny Object syndrome distractions. This is why I want to warn you against the dangers of consumption when the time you spend consuming outweighs the time that you spend creating.

If you need an example, look no further than the recent emergence of the Clubhouse App! Good gosh, I am now losing half of my life on Clubhouse (this article was updated in 2021). Talk about Shiny Object Syndrome!

There are lots of good ideas out there, it is true. Good ideas aren’t the problem – losing focus is the problem. Beware losing focus on YOUR amazing plan, my friend!

I want to remind you of another person with GREAT ideas: no other than the one and only YOU. The innovative, hardworking, creative you. YOU who created your business. YOU nurture it and the clients you serve. And YOU have everything inside of you to build your dream to its fullest potential. Sometimes we get so busy admiring others that we forget to celebrate ourselves, so I’d like to take this opportunity to celebrate you!

If you are up for sharing, I’d love to know what you do. And how it helps other people!

Tell me all about the shiny object you have built, friend. It’s time to double down on what you’ve created! I want to encourage you to build out your own shiny objects and use them to inspire others!

Have an awesome week!

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